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cat-healthSo you want to know about cat health and wellness?

My guess is you’re either a cat owner now, or you will be soon! If so, congratulations on your decision to join the wonderful world of cats!

You are joining a community of fabulous people. People who have chosen to learn about cat health as they bring adorable kitties into their life. As you get to know your new kitty, or you continue to grow with your old feline friend, you will find that caring for your cat is extremely rewarding.

There is a lot to know about cat health. It can seem overwhelming, but I know you are up for the task. We are here to be your trusted resource and help you along the way. Come back anytime you have a question. And if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, just ask!

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Cat Health Basics

The basics of cat health and wellness are the most important part of caring for your kitty. It’s really not hard to provide your furry friend with a healthy, happy life. Once you know the basics, spend time with your cat every day and pay special attention to their needs. If you listen, they will tell you what they need to feel good and be happy.

“If you listen, your cat will tell you what it needs to feel good and be happy.” Tweet it!

Above all else, be sure to get your cat the proper vaccinations it needs, feed your friend a healthy diet, provide your kitty with daily exercise, and take your pet to the vet for regular checkups.  Do this your cat’s health will be well taken care of.


Getting proper vaccinations is a very important factor in feline health. Vaccinations are typically classified by veterinarians as core vaccinations and non-core vaccinations.

Core vaccinations are vaccinations that all cats should receive. They cover  the most serious and widespread feline diseases. It makes sense to protect your kitty by getting them immunized. Core vaccines include:

There are also several other non-core vaccinations available. While cat health conditions covered by non-core vaccinations are not as pervasive, you may still want to protect your kitty and get them immunized. Non-core vaccines include:

For any vaccinations, the pros and cons of the treatment should always be discussed with a trusted veterinarian.


Nutrition is a very important factor for keeping your kitty as healthy as possible. The best thing you can do for your kitty is provide them with a good diet. Cats have special dietary needs. They are known to be obligate carnivores. This means that, given all options, cats would choose only to eat flesh. It also means that cats need certain nutritional elements in their diets that can only be found in meat.

Cats require a high level of protein in their diet. In addition, all cats need taurine in the diet to process the amino acids that mak up protein. They also need an array of vitamins and minerals. A good, high-quality cat food should provide all of the essential nutrients your cat needs to stay healthy. Just make sure that your cat doesn’t eat too much. Obesity in cats can lead to a pile of health issues that are best avoided.

You’ll also want to make sure that your cat drinks enough water. Your cat should have fresh water available at all times. Cats are prone to kidney and other urinary disorders. Keeping them well hydrated can prevent these issues. There is no doubt that drinking plenty of water is essential for proper urinary tract function.


As you care for your cat, help them get enough exercise. This doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it can be a fun time for you and your cat to bond. There are many toys on the market for cats to pounce at and leap on, but my guess if you’re cat has already found something they like at home. A string, a pen, maybe even a printer!

Some cats have even been known to play a game of fetch! Not only will this exercise be great for your cat’s health, but the joy and happiness that comes from playing will make a significant contribution toward’s their health as well.

Regular Checkups

Most importantly, regular trips to the veterinarian are a good idea when it comes to maintaining your cat’s health. Cats should see their veterinarian at least once a year for their annual check up. During this visit, vaccinations can be renewed, and a complete physical can be performed. The annual examination is a good time to catch many health problems before they turn into major ones. During these examinations, be sure to bring up any changes in your cat’s behaviour. They could be a sign of an impending problem.

Those are the basics of cat health and wellness but we have more helpful articles, just for you. Have fun exploring our site, and as always, let us know if you have any questions!